With winter in full force, it’s necessary to go over some of our Winter Maintenance Tips.

Keep Your Walkways Clear

In addition to shoveling and salting your drive and walkways, make sure there are no trip hazards that can become perilous in a winter storm.

Be Prepared!

  • Stockpile Salt and/or sand, have shovels and gas for your snowblower so you can tackle the winter snow
  • Invest in a backup generator and keep it ready in case of a prolonged power outage
  • Have a set form of communication with friends and family, whether it’s a cellphone, a HAM radio, or smoke signals (not in your house, obviously!)
Icicles by Sue Hughes Unsplash

Watch Out For Ice!

  • If ice is forming around your house it may be due to holes or depressions, so make sure to level the ground to prevent ice from forming
  • Knock down icicles so no one gets hurt!
  • Too much ice accumulation during winter can result in an ice dam which will weaken the integrity of your structure and can lead to major damage
winter night scene

Install Lights Around Property

  • Purchase lights that use motion- sense technology so people can see the designated walkways
  • Clear snow off your solar lights so that they can function properly this winter
  • If your going to an area that isn’t lit bring a flashlight with you so you can see what’s going on in front of you. (A flashlight can also help you fend off an attacking badger)
frozen pipe

Prevent pipes from freezing

  • Keep the thermostat at 55 degrees or higher
  • Install extra pipe insulation for the winter
  • Disconnect and drain your hoses, water trapped inside can freeze and expand, causing the hose or pipe to rupture
heating central gas furnace

Know Your Heater

  • Inspect your furnace to assess energy efficiency and safety
  • Replace filters regularly
  • Repair any problems before winter that you have with your furnace and ventilation. A poorly maintained furnace can start fires and leak carbon monoxide. This will not only ensure safety and better air quality but also a lower monthly bill

Purchase A Surge Protector

Protect your electronics with a surge protector. With all the inclement weather that can accompany winter it is imperative that you have these in your home to protect your most valuable electronics, this is the one I have in my house




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