Need to file an insurance claim for damage to your home?
Follow these steps to get started:

  • STEP 1

    Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to:

    • Report the damage
    • Determine your coverage
    • File the claim

    You will get a claim number and contact information for adjuster who will be coming to assess the damage. You will want us to be present at this appointment so we can point out areas of damage that may be missed or questioned. We are your advocate in this situation! Write down the following information and make sure to share it with your Above Par Rep:

    • Name and Contact info for Adjuster
    • Date & Time of Appointment
    • Claim Number

    insurance claim

  • STEP 2

    If you have a mortgage on your home, your insurance company may list the lender on the claim check as well. In order to use the check as payment the mortgage company needs to be notified of the claim and certain steps need to be followed for them to endorse it.

    • Call your mortgage company and let them know you have filed an insurance claim. Mortgage companies refer to this as a “Loss Draft Claim” and have specific documents that need to be filled out in order to process the claim. Your mortgage company will give you online access to their forms or send them to you via mail, email or fax- please send this to us upon receipt and our office staff will assist in preparing the documents. After work is completed the mortgage company will send out a representative to perform a “final inspection” to confirm status and the final payment will be released from the mortgage company.
  • STEP 3

    Our office administrator assists with all mortgage claim documents and scheduling of inspections. Please forward all documents to [email protected] ATTN: Kerri. Should you have any questions, call the office direct at 815-345-1048.

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